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Pre-Fabricated Steel Warehouses

Pacific Rim specializes in manufacturing and installing folding modular steel warehouse structures. These are often used for raw materials storage, safe-haven or equipment storage solutions. These warehouses are as durable as site-fabricated steel structures, with welds and components certified in our factories, but they can be constructed in a fraction of the time, and at much better price.

Trans-Pack Buildings are prefabricated in our factory as single sections with roof and covering. The single sections are delivered to your site with two longitudinal wall elements. They are unfolded on the site by crane, mounted as rigid frames with corner bracings and are then bolted together. The buildings can be ordered with or without insulation. Various thicknesses are available.

We can also provide buildings with interior partitions – allowing for the creation of multiple spaces and levels.



Contact us for information on design, manufacturing, and supply of these versatile building solutions.