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1140 Man Camp Refurbishment

1140 Man Camp Refurbishment

Sakhalin Island, Russia

PRC supplied all labor, equipment and materials for renovation of an occupied and operating 840man camp including kitchen/dining areas, corridors, roof, ceilings, shower blocks and 364 bedrooms.The project timeline from autumn 2009 through spring 2010 in the NE portion of Sakhalin Island with winter temperatures down to -30C. Refurbishment works included mold remediation, replacement of flooring (subfloor and vinyl), installation of fire walls to meet safety codes, replacement of damaged walls, floors, ceilings, windows and roof sections with new paint, lighting and electric heaters throughout the camp. Entire shower blocks as well as walls and ceilings which had water damage or mold taken down to the studs and rebuilt. Installed a new secondary roof covering over 120,000ft of the camp (this equates to over 11,150m2 or 2.75 acres) with all trusses hand cut and assembled on location.

Example of Refurbishment; Common Ablution Area:

Before:                                                              After: